We've decided to bring back and old tradition and start the new IWS Layaway Plan! If you would like to add a Side Puller or do some upgrades without financing, our new Layaway Plan Is a great alternative!

How Long are the Terms?

$100 - $500 Up to 6 Weeks
$501 - $1,000 Up to 12 Weeks
$1001 - $3,000 Up to 16 Weeks
$3,001 - $10,000 Up to 24 Weeks

When are my Payments Due?

Payments are due every 2 weeks as outlined in the Layaway Contract. Payment amount is the total amount due divided by the number of payments.

What if I miss a Payment?

You have a 7 day grace period after your payment is due before your contract is cancelled and the item is returned to stock. A non-refundable cancellation fee of 5% on the amount of purchase will be applied.

Are there any Upfront Fees?

There is a $10.00 Contract Fee

Can I Cancel my Layaway Contract?

Yes, you can. You will receive a refund of your payments made to date minus service and cancellation fees.

Due to continued product improvement and changes in supply, design, and production equipment, colors, material specifications, prices, and model availability are subject to change without notice. Some photography may show optional items.